Jolt! is the convergence of three leading consulting practices with complementary interests, skills and expertise. We’ve created a practice where technology and research converge to create a new generation of analytic solutions that improve ROI. We help solve our clients’ increasingly complex challenges in media delivery and ROAS by asking:

  • How much do people know about the quality of their segments?
  • How recent was the behavior being profiled?
  • How representative is the segment?
  • Which segments strategically match consumer insight profiles?
  • Which segments best predicts behavior?
  • Do the segments accurately deliver the target?
    • Do they over-deliver or under-deliver the target?
    • Can you reallocate the segments and better optimize?

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Strong ROI doesn’t just happen. Get the greatest value—and realize the greatest revenue potential—from your target segments.

Jolt! is a team of experienced technical ROI engineers and dedicated researchers, focused on new heart of marketing, targeting and target segments. We’ve known each other a long time and like and respect each other! And from time to time, we’ll partner with other industry luminaries.

We foster an invigorating culture of innovation that embraces the value of real-world, practical expertise and new technology—one that puts us at the forefront of the industry. Meet our amazing group of people:

Gerard Broussard

  • Principal, Pre-Meditated Media
  • Former Managing Director GroupM
  • Advanced TV/Video Measurement
  • Digital and Mobile Measurement
  • MBA, Marketing & Research

Joel Rubinson

  • Former Chief Research Officer, the ARF
  • Expert for the Mobile Marketing Association – Multi-touch Attribution
  • Industry Thought Leader – Transforming Research Methods For The Digital Age
  • MBA, Economics and Statistics

Jim Spaeth

  • Partner, Sequent Partners – Media/Advertising Metrics/Analytics Consultants
  • Former President of the ARF
  • Advertising and Media Research Product Development
  • Agency and Advertiser Media Research and Planning Leader
  • PhD Economics

Alice Sylvester

  • Partner, Sequent Partners – Media/Advertising Metrics/Analytics Consultants
  • Former Chairman of the ARF
  • Global Account Planning Director
  • Director Brand Economics
  • Media Research Director
  • M.S., Public Service

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