Targeting is the Root of Predictive ROI

Marketers have many strategic levers to pull for boosting advertising effectiveness. Advanced targeting, the practice of using richly descriptive consumer segments to guide media placements, is a huge lever for driving ad impact. It’s critical to reach the right consumer with the right message at the right moment. Hyper-defined and delivered exactly according to your brand and category needs.

  • Reach
  • Target
  • Timing
  • Creative
  • Context

As the industry moves from buying media to buying audiences, leveraging the power of advanced targeting will ensure ROI lifts.

Engineering improvements in key consumer dimensions will drive response and ROI

  • > How much will they purchase?
  • > How soon will they buy?
  • > How many can you reach?
  • > Will they choose your brand?

In a consumer-centric strategy, everything revolves around targeting

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2019 TV Attribution Provider Guide

At the 2019 CIMM Summit, Sequent Partners presented the results of a study commissioned by CIMM and 4As with an outline of key topics and a comparison of leading providers.

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